I started saying “I’ll believe it when I see it,” because people always said they would help me but never  actually do. The only person I can trust to help me is myself.


So we saw Dylan and cole sprouse in the airport and we were to scared to say hi and I tried to take a video af them but he took a video of us. Reblog so Dylan sees


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You may see my mask, but you haven’t seen my true face.
My toxic tears scared my cheeks, and now I have to hide them.
The only friend I have scars my wrists, and now I have to hide them.You say you know how I feel; do you really?

But one day you ask to see my past, and you gave me that look, the one the I long for, and I show you everything, and so I don’t feel bad..you stand up to show me yours, and finally I understand.

You have been through just as much as I have.
The feeling in my stomach starts to rumble, what is it? It makes me ill.
He takes my hand, pulls me close, and whispers in my ear, ” We can fight this battle together.”

For the people who wish that life would never end, I am glad you are happy.
For the people that hope it would end to night, I wish you luck, you are the ones that hurt the most, cry yourselfs to sleep, and would do anything to forget about what you did last night.
I may not understand what you have been put through..but I understand what you are putting yourself through.

Keep holding on, and move past all of the pain.

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